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Cool. Since you are an expert on plans, I want to ask if mine plan is okay...

-200min Daytime
-Caller ID
-Voice Mail
-6pm-7am unlimited + weekend
-no DATA, no text no Long distance

They want $35 after the taxes. I am not locked into any contract.... I used to have a data, but I used to get killer bills so i removed that. Never used but no idea what happened.. What you think?

Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
3600$ for 3 years?

I pay 56.50$ after taxes (including SAF) and i have
300 daytime
evenings/weekends @ 8
1000 min LD (canada)
Unlimited incoming
1GB data
unlimited text
visual voicemail

This isn't even that good of a plan.

No one's phone bill should be 100$ a month. I got my buddy set up with the rogers EPP plan (17.50$ for 200 mins) + 6gb data and a SIP gateway, he calls HK for a couple hours every day off his cell, and still only ends up paying about 65$ a month for all his services. (plus iphones have nice SIP direct outbound dialing apps)
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