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2011 328xi sedan - Changing yellow angel eyes to white


I currently drive the 2011 328i xdrive sedan that came with halogen lights instead of the xenon lights. I was interested in changing the 'yellow' angel eyes (rings) to 'white' light. I saw all these options related to LUX etc but turns out I can't just do a normal 'plug & play' since that's for xenon lights only.

I was wondering if anyone has actually been successful and changing the yellow angel eyes to white lights? In addition, if I do change the angel eyes to white, do I also have to change the low beam and high beam? If so, is there specifc type of light bulbs that you'd recommend?

Since the car is still under warranty, I don't want to go for any of the permanent fixes but rather more of a plug & play solution.

Thanks in advance.
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