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Originally Posted by cornflakecwl View Post
Not good I'm afraid. I needed to replace my coils (they had arrived to my office JUST after I left on Friday I found out!) so I was losing spark on the pulls. Best HP was 163.5 I think and 168 lb-ft of tq on a run with less spark loss than the rest. That is with stock engine and EAT chip, but it was losing spark like crazy, I had one run that was only 138 hp! I've replaced the coils so I want to run it again to see what it gets now. Will probbably have to wait until next summer tho. I am HOPING it's just the coils that caused the problem.

Does anyone know what the DT loss is on an m50/5spd??

And was that your e34 by the auto-x track? Where were the m-pars that are in your sig?
Oh wow 168 is quiet low considering you have M50TU chipped. I took the M-Pars off for drift. I went to cayuga that same day right after. Stock 15's are sick, i was going sideways in 3rd gear no problem.
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