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Stupid people please don't bother messaging me.

$9500 ??? lol , why are you selling it ?

me: why is that lol?...

Cuz you can get an e36 for $2000 in good condition, spend another $2000-3000 and you will have well over 350 horses... No but if you can get $8000-$9000 for it no problem, I will hire you as my sales person....


why bother messaging me then? move on..and good luck finding a good condition e36 for 2k!
the supercharged alone is about 3.5-4k

Where are you shopping for superchargers ? I just got a kleeman supercharger for a CLK 320, full kit for $1800 ... not looking for a shitbox, I just came across your ad and had alittle giggle... Nothing personal...



Cool good for you ... you clearly don't know the price of a decent 328, and nor is this car for just a regular market...if a person loves a bmw / e36 they know what this is worth..

If you start from scratch and get a 4-5k come to what this car is... haha i will laugh at you if you can do it for anywhere near this price.

and here... now stop acting like you know everything about pricing , you clearly don't.

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