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PULL 7 - 15psi, 50% ignition correction

PULL 8 - 15psi, 50% ignition correction

PULL 9 - 15psi, 50% ignition correction

Feb. 7, 2011:
Last dynos on STOCK N54 turbos (401whp 445wtq, 18.5psi, 94 pump gas + 50/50 meth, V4 autotune):

March 02, 2011

PUMP GAS (94 Sunoco) - NO METH - 16psi - 450whp

RACE GAS - 75/25 METH - 18psi - 496whp

DATALOG - 496whp run

March 25, 2011

UPDATE: Innovate LC-1 AFR wideband controller and a BSH Oil Catch Can have been added on the car as well.

Jun 25, 2011

UPDATE: Misfires that were occurring are still present. They are NOT tune related and are still under investigation...

July 7, 2011

UPDATE: Misfires FIXED! I replaced the TMAP, both intake/exhaust CAMSHAFT as well as the CRANKSHAFT (CPS) sensor and the car is back in the game.

Aug 22, 2011

UPDATE: COBB Stage 1 flash installed, awaiting stage 3. From this point forward going with a flash instead of a piggy for better AFR control and direct timing control.

Here's a few vids:

JB4 18.5PSI:

COBB Stage 1 with WOTBox for No-Lift-Shifts, Part 1:

COBB Stage 1 with WOTBox for No-Lift-Shifts, Part 2:
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N54 6MT TwinTurbo 1/4 Mile World Record: 11.43@126.6mph, 1.8 60', Stock 6MT 3.08 Gearing (Cayuga - Toronto Motorsports Park)
N54 6MT TwinTurbo 60-130mph World Record: 6.5sec 100-200km/hr, 7.5sec 60-130mph (vbox verified)
N54 (ACN 91 octane only) World Record: 573WHP / 537WTQ
N54 (96-98 Octane only no meth) World Record: 673WHP / 564WTQ
N54 (96-98 Octane plus meth) World Record: 693WHP / 572WTQ

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