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February 5, 2011
Last night I took 15 mins and did 9 pulls on the RBs and latest 1-21 V5 beta maps...initially boost control gain for stockers is set to 50% as their wastegates are setup in most cases a considerably looser than RB ones...talked to Shiv, set the boost gain to 40% to start out, reset wg compensation through command center mode 4, command 7 and off I went...I did a total of 9 pulls...first 6 pulls were map1 default settings (13psi, 50% ignition correction)...autotuning is off on these maps and ONLY the wastegate compensation autotuning is'll notice how initial boost overshoots a tiiiiny bit in the first few pulls as procede's wastegate compensation autotunes about 3rd 4th pull its already settled and boost is flat...I know have boost control gain at 37.5 in the user adjustables which is where procede seems to want it with its wg autotuning...

last 3 pulls are on map2 also set to defaults (15psi, 50% ign correction)...power ALL the way to redline, ZERO drop off anywhere felt...all pulls were done in 3rd gear starting at around 85-90km/hr to almost 7k rpm...

Look at those Timing and AFR curves and take a look at the wg dc% at ~35% for 15psi..I'm REALLY happy with them...i have to say that 15psi feels like 18-19psi with meth on stockers if not better as they don't fade above 6k rpm...You can also see on a few logs RPMs spike due to loss of traction at above 100km/hr which is NOT fun lol

Enjoy the logs!

PULL 1 - 13psi, 50% ignition correction

PULL 2 - 13psi, 50% ignition correction

PULL 3 - 13psi, 50% ignition correction

PULL 4 - 13psi, 50% ignition correction

PULL 5 - 13psi, 50% ignition correction

PULL 6 - 13psi, 50% ignition correction
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