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Thumbs up RB N54 Turbo Upgrade - Full Modification Journal

Thought I'd have this thread dedicated to the build of my car over the past 3 years or so. Throughout this time I've had nothing but great times with it with the exception of a head gasket fiasco stirred up by a local dealership that in the end turned out to be a leaky injector replaced under warranty. You can find that thread on Turbo section (where I'm most of the time) if you search "head gasket failure" I think, pretty funny what dealerships are up for doing when they don't want to cover some work under warranty including the shop foreman saying that he "tasted" coolant on my plugs LOL

I got the car in April 2008. Having modified my cars before, this time around I decided I'd leave any/all exterior modifications for very last and concentrate on squeezing out every last pony and bit of traction out of it I could in the safest possible manner while always pushing the envelope as far as possible. I've always researched and been patient with all of my mods but in A LOT of cases on this new platform I had to pioneer (as in the case of these RB Turbos) as I recognized great potential and attention to detail and quality in Rob Beck's work which took no less than almost 2 years to complete. For more details on that take a look on if you're interested..

Addition of RB Turbos in February this year to the car has changed the performance of it in a great way. Even with a much enlarged compressor wheel and turbine and a larger CHRA, spool characteristics didn't noticeably change. Given winter conditions, snow, ice on the roads, winter tires and ambient temps below zero that time of year I could only turn boost up to a low sounding 13.5 psi in order to have full traction when WOT in 3rd/4th gears. Losing traction at speeds higher than 100km/hr is not fun lol

Here's a full list of upgrades currently on my 2008 Black Saphire Metallic 6MT E90 335i:
  • RB Turbos
  • Wavetrac LSD
  • COBB Stage 1, awaiting Stage 3 (Dyno was done with Procede V5 rev 2)
  • Stoptech ST-60 Front BBK - silver calipers
  • Okada Plasma Direct Ignition Coils
  • Coolingmist FS-VC2 Methanol/Water Injection Kit, Dual CM7 nozzles
  • Autobahn Exotics Split Catless Exhaust
  • AR Design Catless Downpipes
  • Helix FMIC
  • STETT Charge Pipe
  • Forge Diverter Valves
  • RPI Scoops
  • ACT Street Clutch
  • DSS 1000hp Rear axles
  • KW V2 Coilovers
  • UUC Evo3 SSK and DSSR
  • AR Line Lock Kit
  • M3 Rear Suspension Bits (awaiting install: wishbones, toe arms, subframe and diff bushings)
  • 19x8.5f 19x10 VMR VB3 Hyperblack on Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta (totally amazing street performance tires for the price, on par with Michelin PS2 and GoodYear Eagle F1 DS)
  • M-Tech Perforated Steering Wheel
  • M-Tech trim
  • OEM BMW Performance Rear Bumper & Diffuser
  • Sonic Tuning CSL Carbon Fiber 2x2 Trunk (LCI Conversion)
  • Euro LCI LED Tail lights
  • M3 rep front bumper and sideskirts
  • LeatherZ Gauge Pod
  • Dual Innovate LC-1 Wideband O2 Sensors
  • P3Cars (Rixster) OBD-II Vent Gauge
  • ZHP M weighted shift knob
  • Black Front Grill
  • CF roundels all around
  • 30% Tint

Down the road I'm looking at a fuel system upgrade which will most likely start out with a LPFP (Low Pressure Fuel Pump) upgrade to a single (or maybe even dual) Walbro 255lph unit as from some preliminary research elsewhere its starting to look like the initial primary cause of the fuel system bottleneck. Then it'll be off to a cylinder head, pistons/rods upgrade but that is still very much in its infancy on this platform.

Below is a journal on my RB Turbo upgrade, experiences during install and on the road, pricing of parts and labour costs incurred. I'll be updating this thread with dyno charts (Feb. 26th 2011 at Champion Motors) and various racing slips/vids as the year progresses...My new GoPro HD cam should definitely help record some of those good times....


JANUARY 24, 2011:
Took some time this evening to take some pics of the RB turbos and all required OEM hardware which I got from Tischer. Tischer has saved me A LOT of money on these parts compared to if I got them locally in Canada. As a comparison one oil line here is $130+tax=$150 and Tischer is $45-$50 so 3 for 1 deal basically.

In one of the pics you can see the compressor outlet is 42mm and that the wall is 2mm thick. They look even better in person and much bigger than stock which I saw the other day at the dealership. There's also a picture of the new billet aluminum wastegate that should provide rattle free performance and hold boost MUCH better than stock.

I'm waiting on a guy I know who's a BMW tech to free up some time and install these for me. Local indy shop I heard wants around $600/turbo for install and I'm getting both installed for $700.

To break down the full cost of this upgrade from my end:

$2900 RB Turbos 1st batch reduced price + $70 shipping
$150 OEM parts (+ $200 all 4 oil lines, optional) and AR downpipe to catback gaskets
$700 install
Total (if you don't get the optional oil lines): $3820
My total (with all 4 oil lines: $4020

Now I've waited on these since June last year while they were still under development and while Rob was still figuring out his manufacturing process. From the looks of them they were totally a worth while wait and they should put down some great numbers as GeorgeSmooth has already demonstrated on this board (thanks George!) with his flash tune.

I'll run Procede with these turbos and their vanilla OTS upgraded 6MT maps initially and hopefully get them dialed in with a custom map with the Vishnu team on a dyno. All that is probably out by about 2 weeks awaiting install.

Now for the pics:

BMW Cobb Pro Tuning Services and Custom Performance Parts
N54 6MT TwinTurbo 1/4 Mile World Record: 11.43@126.6mph, 1.8 60', Stock 6MT 3.08 Gearing (Cayuga - Toronto Motorsports Park)
N54 6MT TwinTurbo 60-130mph World Record: 6.5sec 100-200km/hr, 7.5sec 60-130mph (vbox verified)
N54 (ACN 91 octane only) World Record: 573WHP / 537WTQ
N54 (96-98 Octane only no meth) World Record: 673WHP / 564WTQ
N54 (96-98 Octane plus meth) World Record: 693WHP / 572WTQ

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