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RMP Rocks!

Been a very long time customer of RMP and have always been really happy with their service but this past weekend was especially sweet and I just have to come and chime in on my experience.

Got new rear tires installed on my car that were a tad too large with its current suspension setup lol. I had a bad case of rubbing on the driver's side.

Had a quote from a body shop for fender work to be around $400 to make it all fit without the rubbing. Before going through with it however, I took it over to RMP and we found that it wasn't even rubbing against the fender at all but rather a bit on the inside and against a fender/bumper clip. Rocco shaved it all down and 99% of the rubbing is gone!

When I bring her in for an oil change (which should be soon) I'll probably get them to do the same on the passenger side since that side likes to rub when the car has a full trunk and people in the back. I honestly can't believe we made these tires fit!! I'm so happy with it and it looks so aggressive!

The icing on the cake was Rocco was even able to refer me and get me a good quote on a minor rust spot I had for a fraction of the cost that I would've had to pay elsewhere. In the meantime, he grinded down the spot a bit (inside the wheel well lip) to prevent further rusting from all the water pooling up in there.

I wanted to get the man a beer! Overall a very happy long term customer. Thanks Rocco and co., you guys are truly the best!
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