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So, now away from the dreams and down to the actual work.

Started with the back first because it's the TA and brakes were the first things ready

Old brakes ewwwwwww (I wont even bother showing the rear drums lmao)

Nice new ones with SS lines

Rear trailing arms got sway bar bracket supports welded in, offset camber bushings and painted flat anti-rust black.

Our make-do welding job

While we had the diff and TAs down, decided to drop the subframe for new 90sh poly bushings, raised slightly for camber. Subframe was stuck in there like an SOB, had to tap the bottom holes and use rebar to hammer it out (thanks to suggestions by max). This DID end up breaking the bushings right through but it did finally work

We're also doing all the brake lines as we go, with metric bubble flaring (what a pain).

The goal for this week is to have the rear back together and the motor ready to be pulled.

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