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if u change ur brakes , it wont dust up anymore, its because you need new pads, thats why the wheels are dusting up crazy fast.

change your pads ( rotors too if needed ) and then see if it still dust up , guranteed it wont dust up as much.

If you want some 17" rims get some M3 rims from the E36 M3s , they are alot cheaper than BBS rims ( if u got the money get BBS rims ) and looks very good on stock E36s.

DSIIs DSIs and the 5 stars or even M contours.

if this is your first RWD car, then it will be safer for you to get some winter tires..make a huge difference in winter handling and braking.

and lastly , im not too sure on the 318 fuel, ive only owned E36 328s.
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