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New E36 owner, need a bit of help

Just bought a '98 318is, my first BMW. The car was one-owner w/all service records, in nice shape at a good price and it's on the road. (needs brakes done)

I have 16" OEM wheels and all-seasons on the car (Michelins, lots of life left), plus a set of 15" OEM rims. I'd appreciate some suggestions, this is a daily driver and I'm not a performance nut. But the OEM's seem like such a bitch to keep clean, I might want to go for something newer especially if the wheels had some resilience with the brake dust. I was wondering if 17's are recommended. I don't want to lower the car.

Do most of you run winter tires or just all-seasons? I don't drive up north in the winter, just back and forth on the QEW.

Also, I wanted to know if it's really better to use premium fuel in the M44 engine. PO said they did a lot of asking and eventually decided it wasn't a must. I thought that was a little strange.

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