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Originally Posted by JayR_84 View Post
Make sure your asphalt lining paint is non-flammable. Most of them are flammable, even when dry.

Anyone know how difficult it would be to drop one of these into an e90?
I was sure to get the stuff that is non-flammable once dry.

Into an E90? I would not think its physically that hard it should fit with plenty of room. You may have issues integrating with the CAN bus though.

As a base it will need custom headers (I suppose you could just modify the E90 M3 ones to fit), Engine and Trans mounts, custom driveshaft. The exhaust I would change to that of an E90 M3, if it flows enough for the little 4.0 it should be good for the 5.7 LS. Alternatively you could just use your stock exhaust. Many guys who do this swap in the US use the stock E36 exhaust.
Then you still have to take care of cooling, throttle, steering, basic wiring at a minimum.

then what about A/C, abs, it can go on forever.

I really hope to have all features fully functioning one day. Now that it is running I can add systems onto it as I go. Remember its always a project.
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