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The car is in pieces right now, too be back together for Bimmercruise. Reinforcement plates are already welded in. The subframe just needs the Alu bushings pressed in along with new rubber diff mounts, control arm bushings, and Rtabs. Gonna be sweet, Ive been waiting way way too long to launch the car at 4000 RPM.

While everything was out I took the day off work to clean up the underbody a bit. I first painted with tremclad rust paint. Then covered that with a layer of asphalt paint. Sorry for the crappy cell pics. My hands were a bit too dirty to use the DSLR.


I also wrapped the exhaust so I get a bit less heat in the cabin.

As well as the clean and spray the subframe.

I also replaced the hood release cable, bitch of a job.

I had started to add the wiring harness for the A/C to the PCM but I found out that its different that what I was expecting. The PCM is out of a 01/02 Chev Express Van not an F-Body. This means that the wiring is not terminated to the PCM as I anticipated. Everything is still doable but will require more research, back to the drawing board.
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