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Vtec just kicked in
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Originally Posted by InfiniteDice View Post
O2 sensor does next to nothing on long highway trips. I know this because I ran no o2 sensor for years and still had great gas mileage in my old 325e.

In town having no O2 sensor, or a malfunctioning one wastes more gas.

I'd say have the emissions tested, this should point out a problem if there is one with the engine/fuel-air mix.

On another note, when you stop driving, quickly walk around the car touching all the rims. If one rim seems hotter than the others you could have a siezed caliper. Also a dragging parking brake can cause some drag. I would also check your tire pressures.
obd 1 and 2 most certainly use the o2 sensor while cruising. at wot and when engine is cold? disregarded.

I pull over 500km on my e36 m3 in the city.

OP try o2 sensor
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