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Originally Posted by noodles101 View Post
i realized bmw filter cost varies ALOTTT between dealerships... bmw of mississauga charges 16 something and...maranello bmw charges 31 dollars...
Originally Posted by SiR View Post
dealer part prices here are so f*cked up. period. we get raped, beating and pissed on when it comes time to pay for parts here. Its ridiculous.

I do oil change myself. oil is anywhere from 36-75 depending on if its on sale or not and what I get.
though crappy just raised their oil prices($11.29 a liter now WTF) and an oil filter is $12-20 depending on what I get and from where.
BMW M50/M52 oil filters from Maranello BMW are $10 if you say you're from maxbimmer and talk to Mike. In fact, basically any part is way cheaper.

Oil filters are 9.xx from

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