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I live not too far away so popped by for a look tonight.

The 635csi and E28 are still in the showroom. There is another beat unplated E28 parked in the side lot beside an E39 touring that has plates and what looked like 4 different wheels. (not sure it was dark)

They have added gates at the front entrance about one car length in from Royal Windsor so you can no longer pull into the lot. (note the place is on the north side of the road) The windows on the shop doors at the back of the dealer are now covered in paper so you can no longer see what's going on in there.

Hard to tell at night but the place looked immaculate, with very nice landscaping including plenty of healthy flowers growing in front of the main showroom. You would never guess the place has been mothballed for 20 years based on initial appearance.

With the gates and covered windows it looks like the owner is peeved at the attention he is attracting...
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