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Just picked up a '95 540/6 - need advice

Hi guys,

New to MaXbimmer, but member of bimmerforums for a while - more involved while the '98 M3 was still in the family.

Anyway, I just picked up a '95 540i/6 (oxford on parchment, 18" Style 5's) and I'm trying to figure out the best way to proceed - don't know these cars as well as I should.

It's currently running fairly well, and preventative maintenance will be the first priority, but beyond that I need guidance.

I would like to change the suspension (lowered by previous owner and I'm not hugely confident in the set up). From my research so far I am thinking Blisten Sports, but would appreciate any other recommendations.

Power is the next priority, and this is where I'm most in need of help. To start, I'm thinking I'll just do the standard intake/ecu/exhaust upgrade, but there doesn't seem to be an obvious choice for each of those components. I've heard good things about the Conforti chip, and a fair number of people seem to be running Dinan software. Intake suggestions? In terms of exhaust, I know the stock set up for the '95 540 was fairly good - I really only want to change it for a slightly more aggressive sound. Beyond that, if there are any other changes you would recommend, I'd appreciate the advice.

Thanks guys

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