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AC question

Hey guys,

I find that I am using way too much gas when using the A/C. There seems to be a noticeable load on the motor as well. Once the A/C is on the car feels very sluggish. I believe there might be too much free on in the system causing the compressor to work harder than it needs too.

My condenser aux fan works but will not engage when I turn the a/c on. A friend had mentioned that the aux fan needs to work so the compressor doesn't have to work as hard. Can anyone chime in? I never got around to fixing the aux fan because the car seem to never over heat. My dads ford cube truck has no aux fan and the a/c works just fine.

With no a/c I can average about 350 almost 400kms. With a/c I can bearly get to 300. Keep in mind the car has a m20 2.5L in an eta which has a smaller tank. 45-50 liters I believe.

What sort of kms are you guys averaging?

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