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Its been a while been busy with a few things around the house of course never stops....

Also my diff started leaking from the input seal so another trip to BMW new seal, shield...etc... started reading on how to install and decided to leaved it in the hands of the pro's well I called CV tech in Gatineau to see if they would work on a bmw diff , Chris the guy that rebuilt my Axles told me he never done it before but he would look at it and see if he could do it to my surprise DONE! did his research and got to it, I knew Chris was good but now am really impressed.... so impressed that.....

I said to myself.....hmmm ..maybe I will bring him my modular pulley to see if he can press in the hub and install my pulley.... well holy crap he not only installed the hub but also machined the interior of the 2.6" pulley to fit around the neck of the blower... Chris is one talented dude. Next project for him building a 1 piece Driveshaft for my E30 and hes up to the task!! cant wait...

Did some work on the SC install relocated the alternator with some mockup brakets just need to make them out of heavy gauge steel and get a longer vbelt. So this part is almost done.

Just sat the SC so everybody could see the orientation it will have once I build the brakets for it...

one more shot of the M62 blower with its new pulley. With the modular setup I can change the pulley size in 5 seconds also received the tensioner just not in the pic...

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