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Lexus instead of a BMW....???

My DD (2000 Altima) is getting to point of diminshing returns. I like the idea of a CPO vehicle but the BMWs are still pricey. I started out figuring I'd end up with a 07/08 328. I would have liked a coupe but they are high 20's/low 30's still. Sedan is fine but I'm still high 20's. So I look at 323's, which I don't really want but...they are still mid 20's.

Lexus on the Park has a two CPO 2007 ES350's ($21,800 and $22,500). Kms are around 60K-70K. The Lexus is bigger, has more features and more power. I'm doing all hwy so it would be a great highway car.

I already have the X3 so I get the whole BMW experience but I'm having a tough time justifying the cost. I'm not comparing to a Chevy Cruze or a Honda Accord so I think Lexus is a reasonable comparision.

Am I missing something?
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