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Originally Posted by jasonbaek View Post
Hello guys, I finally picked up that german spec 316i and drove it to home..
1 hour driving on bloor st with traffic and 50 stoplights..without an AC was painful..and sloppy manual driving didnt help either.

By the way, right below the light control switch, there is a switch that I've never seen before on e30s. It looks like fog switch but my car doesn't have independent fog and it doesn't seem like it's doing anything..and it illuminates as well if I turn the light on.

Also, it has smilies with euro grille but I don't think it has separate bulbs according to the light mode..for parking light, right side of low beam turns on(no left side) then if I pull the lever more then they just light up like regular us headlamps.
I'll post more pictures once I wash this thing tomorrow.
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