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Originally Posted by new member View Post
I'd love to show the car, but I really like it and hope I can get it.

The car was repainted a factory color. I wouldbt want an original paint anyway, 20 years of sun does preserve the paint well...

I also wanted to ask about E30 in general. Not really concerned about maintenance or reliability but more about integrity of the car itself.
How are the front and rear subframes? do they hold?
How much power you think the rear will hold (diff and subfloor).
Front/rear towers ? any known issues.

It could be a dumb question but Ive been so busy focusing on newer BMWs that Ive completely neglected the old ones.

Most of this is gathered from seeing what happens to E30s with track experience:

Front subframe: motor mount ears crack off long before the sway bar brackets break off (which can happen with monster bars). You can buy reinforcement plates from Turner, BW, etc much like it is for the E36/46.

Rear subframes are fine, unless they are rusty. Rear floor failures don't happen to E30s like they do E36/46. Worst that happens is the diff mount tab tears out, but you need an abusive driver and a ton of HP to make it happen. More commonly seen on M Roadsters and such.

Front Towers are more less the same strength as E36/46. The tops can mushroom if hit hard enough. Look around for rust near the towers... good places for it to hide. Rear towers don't have much problems, maybe if driven with broken shock mounts for a long time it may start to crack, much like E36/46.

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