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Car Shopping and Reliability

So my dads due for an upgrade with a car after nearly 13 years strong with a CRV. Keep in mind, he keeps his cars running for a long time! His previous car was kept for 14 years!

Hes in a phase where he wants a nice car, adequate power, and generally good reliability. So looking in on the following:

BMW 328i Coupe (2007+)
Lexus IS350 (250 seems pretty slow and its only a little more for the bigger engine)
Audi A4 (2006-2008, as the newest model is still quite pricey)

Whats your take on this? Reliability wise, in a BMW what is there to look out for and are there good mechanics (stealerships are annoying). We will be test driving all in a few days, with me in the passenger seat.
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