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Originally Posted by InfiniteDice View Post
Radinox, then the price would be 3k. Buy them, then buy the
SS lips and re-mount the tires.

You can always buy some cheapy reps. They look real till one of the bolts falls off.

My wheels are like these, except I have painted centers with 8" wide all around.
4 Radinox lips can be had for under a "grand' if you shop correctly, used "stock" rims can be
had for $500 to $1000 [usually with tires] once there taken apart, painting is quite fun,
fast and easy, * especially with Canadian tremclad, [probably soon to be outlawed, [bodyshops
are already required by law to use water-based paints]], easy does it....nice thin coats.
2 "bones" for some nice "new" screws.....and "voila" you got 4 beautiful "homemade" cakes, worthy of a Michelin*
...O Ya.....centercaps are expensive and have the life expectancy of a $5 "bill"..lying on the street.

^^^ For reall "nice" set of wheels..GLWS

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