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Originally Posted by new member View Post
You just dont know this shop thats why you overreacted.
Quite the contrary it seems. Likewise, I think your intial comments were unfair and rather tasteless. I do not know the shop you mentioned, and have nothing bad to say about the technician you mentioned or his credentials (or in your case age, resume etc.)

The gentlemen over at Stance Factory are not of the age you mention. On a interesting note, well worthy of consideration, they both own and operate BMW's with the S54 platform in them, and are well versed in all equipment related to this platform. I would love to know that a person servicing my car owns and operates the same or very similar, just a bonus when it comes to experience. Any shop in this case will be subject to the experience that can only naturally apply to < 10 year old technology.

Let's not use tenure as a bar here. If that were the case, would it be fair to say my opinion is better than yours because I have 9 years more experience with it on this BMW forum (now that is how you make a harmless joke).

To the original poster, go by any shops you've been put onto or give them a call to see what impression you get. I surely reitirate that you'll be in good hands at Stance Factory.

Best of luck.
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