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What good is 20 years experience if you don't keep up with new technologies? (aka smg, even thought it's 10yr tech, 90% of shops know squat about it as they are only now starting to see them)

I'm not saying anything about the shop you recommended, but most older guys don't know much about newer technologies or even like working with it, so bashing the younger guys who have worked with it and likely fixed more SMG cars isn't really a worthwhile argument...

I'd rather a knowledgeable and experienced younger tech work on an s54, than an old guiser who hasn't even seen one, let alone change the oil on one. (I'm sure some might know there shit, but i'm just making a stupid generalization like you did).

Originally Posted by new member View Post
You can let 20 year olds fix your car or let people who have 20 years experience with BMW fix your car.

Its your call, I suggest the latter.

Advanced Knowledge Automotive at 346 Newkirk Road, Richmond Hill

It's run by Trevor Hayes whos a BMW Master Tech with 20 years experience in BMWs.

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