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Originally Posted by sb_600 View Post
Well last weekend was awesome. After being mis-classed in the intermediate group friday, was bumped up to the advanced group for the weekend and it was so much better! The late passing and extra passing zones were awesome. Unfortunately, Saturday afternoon my release bearing in the tranny blew up, which then caused the pin to pop out of the clutch slave cylinder and I lost my clutch.

So I hung the car off the end of the trailer and put the front on jackstands. Pulled the exhaust, driveshaft, shifter, intake manifold (to get those stupid starter nuts), and transmission to make sure nothing else was pooched.

Thankfully, one of the raven guys hooked me up with a new bearing. The plastic tip on the slave cylinder obviously broke off, and the fork had been ground down as it impacted the clutch basket. Luckily Derek from Autovation had brought a welder, so we welded a nut on the tip of the slave rod (that sounds dirty...) and then filled in the gap on the fork. Got everything back together saturday night, and finished the day on sunday. The school was an absolute blast, but I think the highlight for me was pulling off that big job in the paddock, and only missing one session because of it
Wow that dedicated. You should try and make your way over here in September for the Trillium school at Mosport! I think you would enjoy that greatly.

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