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M62TU parts

Alright guys, there are lots of M62 TU parts available from my old motor, lots of it were new or being kept at a good condition.

- Intake manifolds ($25?)
- Heads (cyl6 has bad valve seal) ($100 for the good side, $50 for the bad side, good for p&p)
- coil packs
- a/c condensor ($50)
- water pump/thermostat ($50)
- flywheel and clutch $200 (the flywheel is close to $800 from factory).

the motor is intact other than the alternator, the harness is there, the motor is removed because this tick-tick noise that we couldn't sort, there's no visible crack on the block or any external issues, has new valley pans and all the gaskets with timing chain/guides changed, I'm keeping the vanos transmissions and chain tensioner as they were brand new, the harness is also still attached to the motor.

If there's something you want or you want the whole motor for parts, please PM me, the engine is sitting at StanceFactory in Ajax.

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