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Originally Posted by dble Trouble View Post
Maybe I'm spoiled with the BMW Clubs, but I can't stand these lapping days. I've not been to one that was run well, or that morons weren't in attendance. For most, they should not be hosting/running lapping days. Although I understand the BMW Clubs are performance driving schools, and not lapping days, the event is run slick, and organized. In the end you ARE lapping just with an instructor shot gun and lots of learning. I'm not trying to thread crash here but I get ever frustrated by these unorganized, unsafe run events.
I'm with you there, but unfortunately you're always going to get morons who do stupid things, the BMW events are no exception. IIRC there's a few instructors who have done more than a few questionable moves (off's) at the BMW ones... though that is much more the exception than the rule (1 incident per year rather than per day, lol). The problem for me and many others I am sure is doing Mosport 3 times a year is just not enough, I need more of that glorious track So I hit the Kensai days as well as 6th gear on occasion. The cost for either is quite reasonable and they are well run. I've heard EA days are great as well but they are double the price.

So personally I've found that 6th gear and Kensai are the best ones (along with the BMW Trillium ones of course ).

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