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If you have a hard time getting registered, PM me your contact info and I'll forward it to him.

Also, find out what tires the Tirecraft are. I've looked to them for used tire deals and they are no charity that's for sure... if their tires are cheap, there's a bad reason for it. By the way, a friend of mine who's a sponsored Hoosier driver, told me that the Continental series tires are a grade below the R6. He says it's even worse because the tires people sell have usually been stored for a while, esp in the cold, and once Hoosiers harden in storage, they lose much of their grip and last forever. The next step up from an A6/R6 is a serious racing slick like a Yoko or Michelin racing tire. (not my opinion so take it for what it is but it's food for thought)

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