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I attended this event. Let's just say I never will again!

Once again, the organizers didn't seem to know what was going on. First we showed up at 8:30 for the drivers meeting to find we had to wait until 10:00 to get on track! The day before I was told on the phone we would be on at 9:00. Then there weren't enough marshalls which caused even more of a delay. I was also told there would be 4 groups running. Nope! We had a beginner group with instructors and one advanced group. So about 10 people in beginner and almost 30 in the advanced group. 70% of the drivers in advanced should of been with an instructor.

Some drivers were strictly dangerous and weren't penalized. I cant even count how many people went off track and just plowed their way back on track in front of me. I had groups of 3-5 cars diving into turns in front of me without me pointing them by. Basically what was happening was a race. I was about to pull off and leave on my second lap. It was that ridiculous.

Someone managed to smash into the wall on the inside of turn 2 and it took an hour to clean up because there wasn't even a tow truck! While passing by, someone in front of me decided to come to a complete stop! Another thing that some people were doing was slowing down to about 50km for their "cool down". That may work at Cayuga, but not at Mosport when you have people doing 160km into blind turns.

When I was heading out to my last session of the day, I was let out and black flagged on my first lap. Why? They shut the track down just to open the gates to let a car out! I didn't pay to sit in the pits. So after complaining, i was told they were going to push it until 5:15. But if you've been to Mosport, you know the track closes at 5:00. Everyone has to be off by 5:00. The organizers were in hot water after that.

In the end I had to learn to deal with dangerous drivers and completely incompetent organizers.

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