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Worked on the seat mount today. With the help of my Dad, we got it all planned out and executed. I'll have to do the passenger side myself next week sometime.

My seat sees the light of day again outside! Nice and minty. Had to dig up my side mounts and sliders I had in my parts stash. It's a bit of a heavy seat for a fiberglass bucket, but is it ever sturdy! Overbuilt... I like!

Settled on a simple, yet beefy solution to mount the seat sliders to. Two bars, running from rocker to tunnel. Amazing how much strength these bars will provide the chassis... the whole tunnel flexes when I jammed in the bars before they were fit to its exact spot. I guess in a stock 2002, it relies heavily on the seats to help give it some rigidity.

Second bar set in with support plates.

Bolted on the sliders and set the seat on to see placement... looking good!

A few more tacks here and there and for the first time I could actually sit in the car PROPERLY! What a feeling! (No seats were present when I got the car many moons ago) I moved it forward a hair when sitting in it, and I think the position is pretty good... maybe a bit tall, but that is easy to correct with the side mounts. Worst case, I'll ditch the lower seat cushion...

All finished up with a light squirt of paint just to seal it for now. Will do a second coat in the near future.

More progress next week! Until then... I'll be at Mosport. Again

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