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careful guys dont try to save to much money, you could end up labled as an extremist!?

Woman banned for life from all Walmart stores in the U.S.

by Monica Bugajski

A heated argument between a customer and store staff - over coupons - has resulted in a woman from Idaho being banned from all Walmarts in America, for life.

When Boise, Idaho extreme couponer April Cuevas discovered that her local Walmart had made changes to its "Ad-Match" policy (a policy in which the store matches the advertised prices of its competitors), she asked to speak to the manager so she could better understand why oh why they would ever commit such a grievous affront to her spendthrift ways. She also decided to video record the conversation on her iPhone.

Ms. Cuevas claims that the conversation escalated to a full-blown argument and that the manager slapped the phone out of her hand, telling her to pay the full price or leave. Unsurprisingly, she left.

On another trip to the store after the incident, Ms. Cuevas was pursued by a plainclothes Walmart employee in the parking lot who informed her that she had just committed a crime. Bewildered, Ms. Cueves called the local police who notified her that she had been banned not only from her local Walmart, but also from every other Walmart in the U.S. for life.
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