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Not much progress, but hey, getting somewhere!!

On the weekend, I started to pull the last piece of the car I have never touched yet, and that was the dash. What an ordeal... Ton of rusty bolts, broke a screwdriver on one of them... and had to pull the windshield because two bolts are hidden underneath the window seal. I have realized how heavy this dash actually is, and I am now looking into a dash cover to use as a replacement. I have found a cover at; I am waiting for a reply before pulling the trigger on one of those (funny, I just received a reply while writing this post out. I'll probably end up buying one). I plan to remove all of the framework behind the dash and just run a simple bar across the cage a pillar bars to mount the steering column to instead.

The war zone:

The trunk still needs one more coat of paint and I can start to put stuff back in.

Bah, stupid heavy piece of junk!

The car is settling into it's temporary home for the next few months.

Earlier in the thread, I posted a few pics of some taillights I cleaned up. Well, my friend ended up giving me a complete set of taillights recently, these with good chrome trim (compared to my originals which are faded to hell and back). He mentioned that these are the original taillights from the car Smitty now owns... I don't know if that is true or not, but after a ton of wetsanding, they came up okay. The one has a crack in the lense, but that is the least of my worries right now. Looks good!


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