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Originally Posted by Ceeker View Post
ummm...I think the set up is the same as an e32 which means you are going to have to remove the HVAC system in order to get to it. This means-BIGJOB..which means $$$$. I remember the e32's coming for these and the techs had the whole interior apart just to get at it. However, I could be mistaken. :-) anyone want to chime in?

btw, the heater "tap" is what it's called was a common problem for e34 models. they usually malfunction/leak. No fluid in the cabin but external? then it can only be this.
That was what I thought at first, but then I read that the heater box has drains in it? So the coolant wouldn't have made it to the interior. I guess I can order the heater valve seeing as it's only like $150 and since it's a relatively easy fix I can try that and see what happens. I just didn't see anthing more than a little bit of fluid in the area around/under the heater valve, but that doesn't mean it's not the problem. I'll try that first since I was going to replace it anyways when I did the heater core to elminate another possible breakage. After this pretty much the whole system has been done!! Good for another 5 years

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