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Originally Posted by gruppusol View Post
When you have a couple of people in the back and go over a bump, the tires will touch the fenders (rear)...

So, as far as you guys can tell, it's an alignment that my car needs and then a camber adjustment? I'm gonna look into it. Thanks.

My shocks and struts are bilstein sports (front and rear). I've had them for about three years when I bought the car. The springs are just oem. I also recently changed the rear shock mounts with ones from TMS (non-oem).

It's kind of a long story but the OZ's were my best option after looking around for a bit. The tires were fairly new when I hit a f'kn pothole with my other rims....I just tried to stay with wheels of the same size.

Camber is part of the alignment. Do some research on specs (you can get around -2 degrees in the front with washers/longer lower strut bolts - if you do this watch the clearance of your rim/tire at the top of the strut, and i think around -1.5 in the rear with stock adjustment). That should give you a good street setup.
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