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Stupid Kia Soul Commercial

To sum it up:

[the scene: fancy golf course, full of rich old guys.]

Up drives the Kia soul. Into the parking lot full of classic and not so classic performance and luxury cars. All the old guys look up to make sure this crap box on wheels doesn't hit one of their cars. (maybe it's just really noticeable because it's so ugly?)


The Kia pulls up at the roundabout and parks like it owns the place, and out gets this semi hot Asian chick (who is this person anyways?) At least the old guys are now looking at something they want.

Girl proceeds to whack the ball really far, way far.... but... [scene cuts away before the ball goes into the lake].

To summarize the sum up:

Girl who has bad taste in cars, manages to not scratch any of the valuable cars while parking at the golf club like she owns the place, she then proceeds to make old horny men look at her while she drives a ball into a lake. (we don't see where it actually goes, I'm guessing here).

The point? Who knows.

Performance one step at a time.

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