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Feeler: Convertible Part Out

I am trying to see how much interest there would be for parts from a late model E30 convertible?

I need lots of parts for my Coupe and a few things for my Vert so I am considering buying a parts car for what I need and then parting the rest.

The problem is that I have barely any room to store parts, so I would need things gone fast. I also have no room for another car so I would need the car gone quickly too. Most likely I would only have the car for one week before I would have to scrap it. I'm looking at July 1 to July 8 as a timeline.

I would be selling parts for dirt cheap as long as you pick them up (and possibly remove them). I'm in Mississauga. Trust me when I say dirt cheap.

Let me know what parts you are looking for and if you would realistically be able to pick them up within that time.

Some details about the car-

-1992 325i Convertible
-Schwarz but I don't think any body panels are worth keeping
-Plastic bumpers are good
-Engine is good
-Soft top is good but window isn't perfect
-Hard top (will not be sold for dirt cheap)
-Seats are torn (not sure about mechanicals or sliders)
-Glass is good
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