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That is a great feature isn't it.
Fortunately that would not be an issue with our cars as the light leveling sensors are not affected by whether you have EDC or standard shocks in the rear. They xenon lights adjust base on the front and rear suspension heights. The same system is used for the 740 and 750 with both types of suspensions.
Good point about buying a used car as stock as possible. I know people who would not buy any car that is not stock (suspension, wheels, lights, interior etc) while others would like the mods and not bother with having to do the mods.
For me, Bilsteins with lowering springs are great mods and works for our cars.
Actually a US buddy of mine is going to ship me a set of bilsteins and springs from his 740 but I still want to get my EDC working, so I can swap them for use in summer and winter, with my tires.

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