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Time to freshen up the list.

1. DONE. New intake gaskets, cleaned injectors (got rid of loud ticking noise, now I just have the regular valve train noise of the M20), PCV tube o-rings, small heater hose from throttle body to block (I had changed all others previously).
2. DONE. Install reman'd injectors since originals are leaking (gas smell in oil and hard start when warm).
3. DONE. New Bosch WR8LC+ spark plugs
4. DONE. Change the gas contaminated oil and filter
5. DONE. Get clean doors and new fenders
5a. To do. Get a paint job (still undecided if it will be this year or next)
6. DONE. Weld seam in exhaust just before cat. Ghetto rigged with flexible tailpipe repair kit and 2 clamps from Partsource for now.
7. DONE. New cat back or just new muffler.
8. To do. Rustproof the undercarriage if I don't pick up another DD before winter.
9. HALF DONE. Replace emergency brake cables, pads, spring kit.
10. DONE. Replace windshield.
11. To do. Install E30 drop hats.
12. DONE. Replace all steel fuel lines.
13. DONE. Replace front anti-sway bar bushings and end links
13a. To do. Replace rear anti-sway bar bushings and end links.
14. DONE. Replace ASA centre caps with BMW 57mm centre caps.
15. DONE. Replace front wheel bearings.
16. To do. Install braided SS brake lines.
17. To do. Reman rear half shafts

Picked up a nice looking rust free used pass fender on ebay today for $80 shipped.

Replaced both front wheel hubs. Installed some used backing plates since the old ones were completely rusted off. Both hubs came off complete with hardly any effort (there were a lot of helpful articles on various forums). The hardest part was filing down the outer edge of the dust cap because it interfered with my spacer. The pass side was the noisy culprit. Looked like it had been on there for a while. The driver side was newer and was in half decent condition but I bought 2 hubs so they both went on. Sanded down the spindles and dabbed a coat of Tremclad on them to freshen them up a bit. Had to search for a 36mm socket that would fit inside the hub. The rental from Partsource was too fat. Sears doesn't carry anything bigger than 32mm (at Devonshire). Picked up one from Princess Auto that fit perfectly for $9.00.

A few pictures below. Looks like I forgot to take pictures of the complete assembly when I was done. I was being pressured to finish the job. On Father's Day to boot. Pretty sad.
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e30 less

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