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If you have Xenon headlamps, might want to be abit carful here, they are dirven from the self leveling (when xenons where chosen the "self Level" package was chosen as well, the sensors on the wheels and level of the car is taken in to account for the headlamps, it was a legality as the headlamps are so bright, if you floor the car (pedal down hard) the lamps pull down in under a second.

You can see them work if you drive in to a drive way with a fairly high rise (at and angle, drive down the road, hard steer into the driveway so one wheel mounts the curb (drop down) first, watch the headlamp beams, mine used to move individually each side to keep the beam flat on the road AND stay inside the law to stop them riding up so each would move and different times and levels. When i did this i had someone look at the rear wheels.

It would rise one side to try and compensate for this. If it was me i wouldn’t be disabling stuff, as i am looking for a car i wouldn’t buy one that had something removed, i would be very hesitant even to have the money dropped by the new shock amount in case this system never worked again.
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