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Originally Posted by Ceeker View Post
You get what you pay for. Makita and Milwakee are both variable..but you gots to know whatcha doin when using those machines or you will do bad to the
It's easy, it just takes common sense and patients.No one needs a Makita or Milwakee unless they are a pro, for the 4-5 times a year it will get used a cheap one will do the job.

Terry, don't bother with anything random orbit. There are two that i recommend to start off with.

This one can be found at crappy tire. Wait for a sale, i've seen them for 50% off the $99.99 it sells for.

or one of these from Princess Auto has this for $89.99 and is variable whereas the CT one is 2 speed:

They are cheap and heavy, but will get the job done. All you need is some good pads, then start trying out different types of polishes. The polishes are less important as you start out as anything will be an improvement when you are using a proper high speed buffer.
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