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Originally Posted by mercforhire View Post
What you sold me was not OEM nor cheap, I was ignorant at the time and paid $250 for a pair of used lights. Which I later found out they only cost $209.98 brand new.
Plus I paid $150 for a pair of expensive rear corners. The discount I got was just a cup holder. Nothing you sold me was any good deal.

I paid you straight away without any lowballing or other annoying cheap sh1t.
Later, I was frustrated when I tried to install them and I even posted a thread some pics of the fubar of a mess removal job you did. In the end, I just sold it for cheap for parts value. I did not complain about any of this, I didn't know better so I took it as a lesson.
I ****ed up, you got my $ and you win, at least be a little helpful and show some respect to your customers. Thanks

We can go at this all day, but facts are facts; I told you they are aftermarker. I told you they need work (broken tabs). What you show here is projector lights, i sold you projectors WITH HID that were selling at $400 on ebay at THAT TIME! I do NOT force anyone to buy anything, and provide as much information as possible. For the rear $75 is pretty cheap for an OEM red/clear light in mint condition, if you didnt think so you didnt have to buy them. But dont say i didnt help you with anything, or not showing any respect... I did 100% of what is exected of me, if you are still not happy, i'm sorry...but nothing more i could have done.

At this rate i will need to keep a tape recorder when i make sales...
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