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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
Dont even start whith this! I told you before you got them they are aftermarket and a few tabs ARE broken,even told you how to fix it. The wiring was just unpluged, the only thing that needed to be cut was the angel eyes, that were hooked to the car harness (so could NOT be separated!). I sell OEM headlights for $400 each, so at $250/pair it is what it is!!! I told you everything i can about them, even gave you a discount because you got a few things. If you couldnt get them figured out, not much i can do.
What you sold me was not OEM nor cheap, I was ignorant at the time and paid $250 for a pair of used lights. Which I later found out they only cost $209.98 brand new.
Plus I paid $150 for a pair of expensive rear corners. The discount I got was just a cup holder. Nothing you sold me was any good deal.

I paid you straight away without any lowballing or other annoying cheap sh1t.
Later, I was frustrated when I tried to install them and I even posted a thread some pics of the fubar of a mess removal job you did. In the end, I just sold it for cheap for parts value. I did not complain about any of this, I didn't know better so I took it as a lesson.
I ****ed up, you got my $ and you win, at least be a little helpful and show some respect to your customers. Thanks

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