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Originally Posted by InspClave View Post
^^ Why couldn't you import your car from the UK?
RIV says, any cars under 15 years old MUST be either sold in Canada or USA, no exceptions.

This means if its under 15 years old, THAT CAR (that actual car, with that actual VIN) must have been an original USA or Canada car.

Mine was Uk, end of story, no import

I have a Honda Goldwing 1999, was originally sold in USA, however before it it the road was exported to the UK (this happened ALOT back in late 90's) then i imported to Canada, as the VIN said "yep, USA bike" it was allowed it, so i didnt bend any rules, just knew them VERY well and used to my gain.

The dealer (private who only dealt with large 5 and 7 series) wanted to keep it, it was so nice, he had a newer 2002 750 as well, but preferred the one in the picture, hence why i had to hound him to agree to continue the sale.

Its driven by a German Barron and Baroness chauffeur now (they bought it from me, well there chauffer did, had there name on the check)

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