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Originally Posted by V8specialist View Post
Its from someone using a zero weight oil on the car.
And for the person sayin I'm talking out of my ass, go read your owners manual some more. Please educate yourself before making such comments.
If BMW is so customer oriented, why is it as soon as the warranty expires all your service intervals change? Maybe because that aren't payingfor the service anymore? Lol
Some people on Here give me a good laugh in the morning!
My comment was about your oil choice not your oil change interval.

And as mentioned you should check your own manual before making an ass of yourself. Plus these oils wouldn't be considered 0 weight oils anyway they'd be 30 and 40 weight oils as that is the weight when up to operating temp.

I've had 2 BMWs last over 500,000kms without rebuilds so I think I know a bit about the subject.

Do whatever you want though if you think you know best, I couldn't care less. I'll continue using my Castrol 0W30.

If you really want to learn something about the subject rather than the 1 million useless oil threads on BMW sites visit
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