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I got my car back... and I have a story to tell

I dropped the car on Wednesday and was told that the car will be ready Friday at 5:00 PM.

Ralph's service was great and so was the service at the front desk. He answered all my questions and invited me to a track day. We quickly established a great rapport. He kept me up to date as to where the stood with the car and asked me to call him directly for any future booking. He even took the time to look at my other 540i for something unrelated.


...don't know what to make of the following.... Ralph called me before I had picked up the car and told me that the Sachs clutch they first received was not up to par and that Pete (the gentleman that worked on the car) refused to put it on the car due to its poor quality. As an alternative, the used a higher quality Sachs clutch that they later ordered and received at no extra cost to me. After picking up the car, I ran into Pete in the parking lot and asked him about the first clutch kit and why he thought it's of poor quality. Pete, had NO IDEA what I was talking about. He said that the one that initially came in was the one that he had installed.

Why would Peter deny this?
Why would Ralph make something like this up?

I did tell Ralph that I will go back and tell all about the service I will receive from you guys (the ones that know Ralph) that he made this up to elevate the perceived service quality?

Without the above story, the service was great, the car was done before anticipated, and Ralph seems to be a great person.
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