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Wanted 2DR E30 w/5-spd

Exactly as the topic says, I'm aggressively looking for a 2-door e30 to turn into an autocross/track toy.

Ideally I'd like something I can drive home and use for a few months while the sun is shining so I can do some work on my daily driver but after that I plan to make whatever I get go fast. Interior is not important to me as it'd be coming out anyway. Motor is also not important as it too would be coming out but it must be a 5-speed so I can at least have some fun driving it until surgery commences. Some body rust is fine (and likely inevitable), but frame rot is not something I'm looking to fix.

I'm in London and willing to travel but I'd like to keep it in Ontario. Looking to spend $1500~$2500 or somewhere in that neighborhood.

Let me know what you got. You can get in touch with me via PM, email at or text at 519-495-8735


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