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Originally Posted by dcramer View Post
Need to paint the front clip of my car. The bumper is the harder part, since it has lots of chips. Was told high build primer is the way to go here, but can only get it in gallons which is way too much.

Also need base/clear. Again clear only comes in gallons.... wtf ?

Anyone know where you can buy less than a gallon of both clear and primer ?

Try paint circuit. They'll sell paint from gallons to touch-up bottle size. The problem I have is I can't get a small quantity of reducer these days. I used to be able to by a pint of chromabase reducer. Now, with water-based paints, I can't. Is there anyway I can get a pint of reducer for Dupont Cromax?

You'd think you could use water for water-based paint. Guess not, at least not for Dupont. Hear it's possible to use water for Standox but can't buy that in half-pint sizes.
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