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Originally Posted by davericher20 View Post
A preventative measure wouldn't have been to properly mount it?

That kills me Jon come on.

Kevin, did you agree that the oil cooler was okay to be mounted by zipties? if so then yeah you got it coming.....
During the installation, the tech did the swap to the best of his abilities and knowledge in the means of fabrication at this time. It was not Kevin's decision in how this was mounted. At the time of this install, I was not on the desk side however when we were doing this job so I do not know if Kevin was consulted at the time. Since the tech is at a different shop, it is hard getting the details of these technicalities to be confirmed.

Either way, the project was not just shortly "wrapped up" at the end as it is not the tech's work habits.

Kevin does know that behind his bumper skin it does not have any underbody panels due to the lack of mounting points for OEM M3 underpanels or any for that matter. If he had this sort of protection (since it makes even more sense when you have parts almost as low as your sway bar, and have a lowered car) to get some sort of protection. A "light patch of snow" or even the build up from a snowplow in the middle of a lane (as I saw Kevin post that somewhere) will not cause this cooler to come off given the car has proper protection. I'm pretty sure some of you have seen my old E36 in the winter with my 19" LM reps tucked inside the rear fender (wheel lip touching fender).....I have not broken or bent anything under that car due to proper paneling.

The tech who installed this, has an S54 with the same mounting and ALL paneling under the car. His car went off the track with no damage to the cooler, and a "light patch" will break this one off? I don't get it, I drove our Eurospec E36 M3 all the way to Active in Florida with the reiger lip sitting 1" off the ground through a blizzard (and on Michelin pilots) and everything is in 1 piece. I literally plowed the highway. Anyone who has seen the highways in Virginia, and the North Carolina during last Nov would know what I mean.


If a proper measure could have been done it would have been at the time, however I do not see any one of the shops who noticed this have a solution. The car has been to RMP for a lot of work after our install, how come it was not corrected then to prevent this could happening? It was there from what I read/heard for some work (right before this happened - oh, and the engine was double checked by someone else at a different shop for verification with interesting results...but I won't say anything about that here since I am not the one who checked the vehicle after leaving RMP).

Let me ask you something, what happened to your headlight lens? Did we not replace it for you when that happened? If we did that, why would we not bother to try and fix Kevin's car? We have nothing against Kevin, I used to go with him for dinner weekly he was a good friend of mine.

All of the issues that was our problem in this swap were fixed, why not this?

My whole point is:
  • "X" The tech worked for Bimmersport Automotive Inc during that period of time (over a year ago) and worked on this swap.
  • The complaint of the customer to Bimmersport Automotive Inc. was about workmanship on the car, and the manner things were handled between management at the time and himself.
    I at the time, respresenting Bimmersport Automotive Inc. talked to Kevin on the phone, and in person at his home during off hours requesting we get to work on the car, fix all the issues and I even proposed a deal with no catches, open options to make up for it ON TOP of fixing the issues
    The customer did not go through with the offers
    The customer visited more than one shop in regards to the overall condition his car is now in
    The technician who worked on the car now leaves Bimmersport Automotive Inc.
    The customer did not get the part mentioned in this thread properly mounted by any shop the vehicle regularly sees
    The original shop is penalized for the workmanship
    The board, continues to penalize the shop for the workmanship - but the board could recognize good work done by the tech at the new shop

The last line - I do not have a problem with the tech, what is going on is you see the tech (or any tech) perfects his work through experience and has clearly shown you guys so - so why am I constantly seeing penalization to the shop - because the shop is responsible? So when the responsibilty of correcting the work that was released, and when not given an opportunity to exercise that duty then what? The shops responsibility is to keep the customers happy and I did all I could except Kevin's demands which just happened THIS year not at the time of his second opinion from other mechanics.

Kevin, if you had decided to come and deal with this situation even with those demands in person maybe this could happen at the time you took it elsewhere. Do not blow it up all over the net, and put open hands to me. You were the one who decided to just "cut us off and move on" from it by deleting all of us from your facebook page, etc and go somewhere else.

This was the worst way to handle a situation when you have your back against the wall, and after hearing how you are doing this in a act of desperation for the money so long after it was done - it makes it very hard to be sensitive and compassionate to your situation hearing what comes from your mouth and the games you are trying to play.

Mistakes happening to often? Just because the people that hear open their mouth about it doesn't mean this is the only place mistakes happen. Mistakes happen at every shop listed on this forum, and around the whole world for that matter. If you do not take it back to the same place that did the mistake, what do you expect to happen - at the majority of shops you go to, not something like what I have tried to do for you (even after a year and some odd months of the initial time this was brought up, and how did it come to my knowledge? Well I did not hear it from a complaint phone call from you.)

Listen maXbimmer,

This problem happenned over a year and some odd months. The customer did not want, from the year and some odd months ago to accept my offer after not only did he fail to bring the car to me, he failed to even address these issues to me. He did not want to accept my offer this year about the same thing. My decision to decline his proposal was AFTER what I found out from the second opinion directly from himself.

The customer has found a new place to go to, he does not recommend you to come here. There are other customers that recommend you to come here, even the a few of the ones who are listed out of those 5 people (because I just worked on one of their personal friend's cars).

The market is big enough for everyone, and I'm not trying to rake you all in to my shop. It is your car, your decision - do it and enjoy your car.

Slowdubbin, just out of have a VW, why do you spend so much time in this thread? It's not like you have ever come to my shop, because we don't work on VW. I don't even know you, and the same thing with you Nero...although I do know one thing about you.

If you want to know about integrity of this boards forum sponsors (actually one in particular) then maybe you or whoever else should learn what an IP address is and how it works, but forget technology and it's proof...because anyone can photoshop, mask IP addresses and what not...having people who work with or for those people is better. You can go ask them what the truth is.

This is honestly my last post in this thread - if you have any questions, ask me at a meet. If you do not feel like it, use the search button. This topic is going around in more circles than I have ever witnessed in my 9 years on this board.

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